Jun 1, 2009

Weekend Getaways: Joshua Tree (part 2)

Saturday, May 23rd

The tent was roasting by 7:30 in the morning and opening the vents would have just caused more heat to enter, so we were forced to start our day early. It turned out to be a good thing considering how hot it would be later on in the day. We quickly packed up the car and had some breakfast. In the daylight hours, we could finally enjoy our surroundings. Now I could see why this area is called "Jumbo Rocks."

Joshua tree in the sunrise


Desert flora

Our first stop for the day was a short 1 mile roundtrip hike to Skull Rock. I was not extremely impressed with it.

Skull Rock

Scenery along our hike

Next we drove to another area of the park to see Split Rock, which is named for obvious reasons. We climbed into the split like dorky tourists too!

Split Rock

Joshua Tree National Park
74485 National Park Drive
Twentynine Palms, CA 92277

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