Apr 1, 2010

Eat and Drink: The Vegan Joint (Los Angeles)

On Matt's last excursion to Los Angeles, he fell ill and couldn't eat much of anything. Therefore, for breakfast, he only wanted to have a fruit smoothie. The only places I know of that serve fruit smoothies besides Jamba Juice and Robeks are vegan restaurants, so we decided to try out The Vegan Joint. The food was very delicious and I think the fruit smoothie wasn't bad either. Don't order the thai iced ice with boba, however. It was terrible. The boba was rubbery and undercooked. 

Dumplings had a strange texture but I guess that is what happens with fake meat. The mushroom soup tasted just like tom kha and the Chinese soup had a refreshing, light broth. I am looking forward to eating here again despite the fact that I dislike vegans very much.   

Grilled Dumplings

Fruit Smoothie

Mushroom soup with coconut milk and bamboo shoots
Chinese soup with glass noodles, shiitake, broccoli, tofu and napa cabbage

10438 National Blvd. 
Los Angeles, CA 90034

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