Apr 13, 2010

Things to Do Before I leave LA

I have approximately 81 days left in Los Angeles. I don't think I can add much more to this list because it will be impossible to achieve. 

Things to Eat:
- Eat a bacon-wrapped hot dog from a street cart
- Palm Springs date shake (June)
- Eat a chili burger at Tommy's
- Animal
- Beacon
- Bludso’s Brisket
- Cole’s French Dip
- The Coop (April)
- Craft
- Fraiche
- Gloria's Salvadoran (April)
- Jitlada
- Lawry’s Prime Rib
- Let’s Be Frank’s Hot Dog
- Ludo’s Fried Chicken (April)
- Mo Chica (April)
- Nickel Diner
- Patisserie at The Bazaar
- Spago
- The Gorbals
- The Golden State
- Umami

- Watch a Derby Dolls match
- Get a naked scrub down at a Korean spa
- Watts Tower
- Self-Realization Fellowship
- Van Nuys Japanese Garden
- Mt Wilson
- San Antonio Winery
- Monastery of the Angels
- Charmlee Wilderness Park
- Griffith Park Hike
- Heritage Square

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