May 11, 2010

Notes on a Wall

- Not only is Spirit Airlines charging $45 for carry-on baggage. They now also feature seats that don't recline or in Spirit Airlines lingo are "pre-reclined" (

- Anne Lamott hates Mother's Day and so do I (

- Beavers in Canada built a dam that is visible from space (The Sun)

- UCLA never bestows honorary degrees, but it will this weekend to former Japanese-American students who were removed from school during WWII and placed in internment camps. (UCLA Today)  

- Before I go to a new airport, I try to look at the airport map to see where the local eateries are (say bbq in Houston), but undoubtedly, there will be a last minute gate or terminal change and I am stuck eating at Burger King. Now, there is GateGuru, which helps you locate amenities in airports around the world. (GateGuru)

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