May 18, 2010

Take a Hike: Escondido Canyon Water Falls

LAist turned me onto this amazing hike off PCH in Malibu. The hike to a set of very lovely waterfalls was probably the most sketchy hike I've been on in the Malibu area, but it was well worth it to see this most unexpected place in the city.

To get to the trail, we parked in a lot off of Winding Way and then walked about a mile along a paved road to a sign marking "Edward Albert Escondido Trail and Waterfalls." We found an assortment of wildflowers and greenery along the road.

Wildflowers along the paved road
A Christmas tree and a broccoli tree along the road

Once we made it to the trail, we crossed a small creek a number of times before reaching the base of the lower falls. We were met with a strong smell of sulfur but this scent may have just been a result of the moss covered pool at the bottom of the falls.

Wildflowers along the trail

The lower falls

We decided to continue onto the upper falls and were met with a number of fellow hikers who had a difficult time coming back down from the falls. The second part of our trip required a great deal of rock scrambling and there were parts where there was nothing to grasp onto. It wound up being more dangerous than we had wanted, but what we were met with was a beautiful sight.

The upper falls cascades down from four mossy tiers into a large pool at the bottom.
Views from the bottom of the upper falls:

Our return to the trailhead resulted in one minor injury, so please make sure you are careful on your way up and down from the upper falls.

Escondido Canyon Park
27200 Winding Way
Malibu, CA

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