Jul 12, 2010

Eat and Drink: Campanile Grilled Cheese Night (Los Angeles)

Mark Peel's Campanile holds a grilled cheese night every Thursday evening. Selling me on grilled cheese is relatively easy but $15 and up grilled cheese sandwiches is slightly more difficult. Before I left the west coast, I ventured to Campanile to see if they were worth it.

Entering the restaurant, I was welcomed by the sun beaming through the windows on the high ceilings. It was as if I had never entered a building at all. The space reminds me of a cloister that had somehow become enclosed over time. The evening was beautiful and sunny and it was welcomed into the dining room.

As usual, I had studied the menu carefully prior to my dining excurison and decided on the skirt steak grilled cheese sandwich, but my dining companions and I decided to order two other sandwiches and split them, so I was also able to try the lamb and classic versions of the sandwich.

Of the three, my favorite was the skirt steak, followed by the classic and finally the lamb. Besides the cost of the dishes for what they were, I was also worried about the portion sizes. However, the La Brea Bakery bread came in huge slices which made the sandwiches reasonably large, and the sandiwch also came with a healthy-sized mixed green salad.

Grilled skirt steak, gruyere, tomato, romesco and arugula

Braised lamb, roasted cherry tomatoes, artichokes and goat cheese

Classic grilled cheese with marinated onion and whole grain mustard

624 South La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, California 90036

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