Apr 4, 2012

Second Annual Annapolis Oyster Roast and Sock Burning

Last weekend, husband and I made the short trek to Annapolis to attend the Second Annual Annapolis Oyster Roast and Sock Burning at the Maritime Museum. It was a rainy day so I suspect there were fewer people in attendance than if the weather had been nice. We decided to go with the VIP tickets which in addition to unlimited raw and roasted oysters included eight tastings of chef-prepared oysters by local restaurants.

We hit the VIP tent first and made our way through the tastings.

Paul's Homewood Cafe's oyster rockefeller. I knew there was going to be an old boring oyster rockefeller in this mix!

The Wild Orchid's oyster ceviche. My second choice.

The Rockfish's oyster stew. There were three different oyster stews out of the eight tastings! Boo! Although they were mostly yummy.

Azure's wood-grilled oyster with pork, corn, fennel and orange oil. Too smokey for me.

Chart House's grilled oyster with compound butter and dill lemon aioli. The winner for me!

I have an anti-chain restaurant bias, but I had to be fair and voted for Chart House. 

Next, we went outside and stood in line to get some raw oysters. It was rainy and cold but worth it. The grand total consumption was 19 oysters. Is that a lot? I could have ate more but the rain was getting old.

Over all, it was a fun event and nice to finally be able to enjoy some of the things the mid-atlantic has to offer. Although socks did not seem to be burning.

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