Aug 6, 2012

At #BlogHer12 - Avenue Q the Musical

Thanks to MamaDrama I had the opportunity to attend an off-Broadway show during my visit to New York for BlogHer 12 this past weekend. On Thursday night, I found myself at the New World Stages to see the multiple Tony-award winning musical Avenue Q.

Exactly ten years ago next month, two girlfriends and I packed up a U-Haul and moved to an awful street in Brooklyn called Avenue U. Avenue Q took me back to that time when I was fresh out of college and trying to find my purpose. It turned out that my purpose was not to live in New York City, but that is a different blog post all together.

Avenue Q follows the journey of a new college graduate named Princeton who moves to New York and finds himself on a street named Avenue Q. While my neighbors were new immigrants from China and Russia, Princeton's are furry monsters and a couple of people.

This musical is hilarious and completely inappropriate. You should expect puppet sex and tunes with titles like "The Internet is for Porn" and "If You Were Gay." There is something to be said about cute, fuzzy puppets singing these songs. I was rolling with laughter.

Plus, the cast is awesomely talented. The puppeteers played multiple parts each and moved seamlessly from one character to the next and sang beautifully. The concept of the musical clearly takes its cues from Sesame Street with people and puppets living together, but this show is not for kids.

If you happen to find yourself in New York and need a just for adults night at the theatre, I highly recommend Avenue Q. Trust me, you won't stop laughing!

Tickets are available at Telecharge.
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