Oct 31, 2012

I'm training for a half marathon? plus Ai Wei Wei: According to What?

So what happens when I get stuck at home for four days straight? I sign up for a half marathon! Yes, folks, it looks like I have 18 weeks to train for this. My sister should get at least 75 percent of the blame, but I am both excited and anxious about how my training will go. You see, I have never run anything longer than a 5K so this is going to be quite a challenge. My goal is to follow my training regime to a tee over the next 18 weeks and just do what feels right on race day.

Today was my first official training day and I managed to follow through with it despite the rain and 45 degree weather. I think the most difficult part will be getting in runs before work since on some of my training days, I go straight to school after work. It is going to be tough getting those runs in!

Any advice for a first time half-marathoner would be appreciated!
On Sunday, husband and I were walking around and saw this Lululemon store boarded up for the impending storm. I didn't see any other stores boarded up but we also weren't out and about much after I took this photo.


Last weekend, my schoolwork wasn't as heavy so Raisin Bread and I had some time to check out Ai Wei Wei's According to What? exhibit at the Hirshhorn. I found this exhibit to be quite fascinating in terms of the subject matter and the variety of mediums he uses.

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