Nov 28, 2012

Run Recap: 30th Annual YMCA Bethesda Turkey Chase 10K

On Thanksgiving morning, I ran in the 30th Annual YMCA Bethesda Turkey Chase. This was my first 10K and the longest distance I have ever completed. For the Princess Half Marathon, runners are required to submit a proof of time in order to be placed in a starting point other than that last corral and the proof of time also needs to be from a 10K or higher. So running this race served a purpose other than trying out my pink running skirt, which I previously told you about.

My hope for the run was to beat a time of 1:15.

On Wednesday night, I laid out my race outfit, which Raisin Bread found quite amusing.

Originally, Raisin Bread was slated to run with me but he has not been feeling well for two weeks now. He was there to cheer me on though.

We didn't arrive very early so I had just enough time to pick up my race bib, tie on my running chip and visit the bathroom before it was time to line up.

Pinning on my race bib
There were some turkeys getting their gobble on.

Then we were off!

The course was extremely hilly and not very scenic, which made for a challenging run for me.

So how did I do?
1663 241/278 2021 Irene Stirling 32 Arlington VA 1:24:22 1:10:30 11:21 

I beat my goal time by 4:30! Woohoo! And I went home with a tech shirt in women's large. When will race organizers realize that they need to order more small sizes?


  1. This looks like a wonderful event. Getting back into a regular habit of running is definitely a New Years resolution for 2013 :)

    1. Thanks for visiting, Samuel! The event was a nice local event with a long history and tons of participants! Running was something that I just got into over the last few months. If someone had told me a year ago that I would be training for a half marathon, I would have laughed.