Nov 5, 2012

Week 1 Training Update

I thought that it would probably be a good idea for me to keep track of how my training for the Princess Half is going, so I will be providing a weekly update of where I am. Things so far have been going great. I'm lucky that Raisin Bread has agreed to go running with me whenever I want. He's a great running buddy! 

Before I give you the update, I went the Hurricane. As I said before, I'm pretty new to running. Therefore, I had no idea that running skirts existed. Of course, I had to buy one when I found out about them though. Cute and functional! I bought this pink skirt. There are shorts on the inside with side pockets and a cable outlet. I'm pretty set on wearing this during the half marathon, but first, I will have to take it on a test drive. 

My second purchase was a fanny pack. I've been using this Nike Running Shoe Wallet for years now to hold my house keys and carrying my cell phone in my hand. It finally dawned on me that I would be extremely unhappy if I dropped my Samsung Galaxy S3 on the ground. Something like that was bound to happen eventually so I decided to get the waist pack. 

So far, I have only attempted to put my house keys and my phone in the pack and both have fit fine. I've been on two runs with it so far and haven't found it to be uncomfortable. It also doesn't bounce around much, which I was afraid it might do. 

Now for the update:

Sunday - Ran 1.36 miles
Tuesday - Ran 2.19 miles
Thursday - Ran 2.26 miles
Friday - One hour Reformer class focusing on upper back, obliques and thighs
Saturday - Ran 5.38 miles

Hooray! Super proud of my progress so far!

I'll leave you with a photo of me all bundled up for Saturday's run! It's gotten very chilly.

See you for next week's update. Until then, keep moving!

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