Nov 12, 2012

Week 2 Training Update

What a week! I'm sooo happy that the election is finally over. This was my first presidential election cycle living in a battleground state and it was super annoying, with the ads on the internet and television constantly, but also knowing how much money was being wasted on the election was extremely aggravating. Now, can we all finally move on?

I had a long weekend for Veterans' Day so I had some free time to cook. I decided to make some kimchee after attending a kimchee making class. I went with spring onions. It will still be a few days so I am still waiting patiently to see how it turns out!

This week was kind of rough for me on the running front. My body just felt so tired so I'm glad I didn't have to up my distance this week.

Tuesday - Ran 2.82 miles
Thursday - One hour Circuit class focusing on arms, glutes and inner thighs plus ran 2.15 miles
Saturday - Ran 2.67 miles

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