Jan 16, 2013

A Look Back: Epcot 2011

With my trip to Walt Disney World soon approaching, I started to look back on my first visit with Raisin Bread in 2011. That time we only were there long enough to see one of the parks. I chose Epcot because it seemed to be the most unlike the parks we have in California. 

My FastPass skills proved to be as sound as ever, and we pretty much got to see everything we wanted to in that one day. Although we have Soarin' at California Adventure, we made a beeline straight to that. I still love that ride. For the next few hours, we somehow found ourselves on every boring ride in the park with a few enjoyable attractions interspersed throughout. 

There was Living with the Land, which was interesting but not exciting at all. It was a nice peek behind the scenes though. 

The Seas with Nemo & Friends was equally as boring as the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage at Disneyland. For such a cute movie, I wish it could be given better rides. 

Believe it or not, I had never once seen Captain EO in all of my years of going to Disneyland. I had high expectations, and it did not disappoint in all of its 1980s glory. RIP, MJ.

Next was Mission: SPACE. My most regretful experience of all of Epcot. You know you're too old for the Orange Team when you think to yourself during the ride, "We're only going to Mars, right? We don't have to go back to Earth" and "If this lasts 5 seconds longer, I'm going to hurl." Raisin Bread was in a full sweat when we were offloading.

We needed another boring ride to get our senses back to normal, and Ellen's Energy Adventure was just the ticket: boring and long!

Spaceship Earth was next and proved to be an excellent place to take ridiculous photos of ourselves. 

Test Track was our last ride in Future World before we moved on to the World Showcase to visit the countries of the world.

There was Mexico and the Three Caballeros. 


Norway and Eric the Red. 

China with terracotta warriors and lotus blossoms

The signs of Germany

Japan with Taiko drummers and Monchichi. 

Beautiful tilework in Morroco.

and France with its gorgeous architecture. 

We ended the evening in the UK to view Illuminations. 

I'm looking forward to my upcoming trip, WDW!

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