Mar 12, 2013

Disney's Princess Half Marathon Trip Report: Hollywood Studios and Pasta in the Park Party

Following the Expo, we headed to Hollywood Studios for our 1:30 pm lunch reservation at the Hollywood Brown Derby with about a minute to spare. After having done so much already in the day, I was starving!

For my lunch, I ordered the duck two ways and we shared the restaurant's signature grapefruit cake for dessert.

Following lunch, we hopped into the single rider line of Aerosmith's Rock n Roller Coaster. So much fun. 

Next, we headed to Pixar Studios and tried to get on Toy Story Midway Mania only to find it was closed at the moment.

Photo credit (top left): Cruising Goddess

No fear! We went on the nearby The Great Movie Ride in the meantime. Wow, is this ride boring and kind of creepy too.

Our second try at Midway Mania was successful. This ride is really a lot of fun and super cute! I have the worse aim in the world, but I managed to hit a few plates and get a reasonable score.

Photo credit (left): Cruising Goddess

By this time in the afternoon, we were getting close to the start time of the Pasta in the Park Party, and we still needed to get back to our hotel to drop off the stuff we acquired from the Expo. So we had to say good bye to Hollywood Studios.

Only to say Hello to Epcot Center a short time later.

Photo credit: Cruising Goddess

We originally all decided to attend the Pasta Party. For me, it was because I wanted to do everything and have the complete race experience. Only after I began reading reviews of pasta parties past did I regret my decision.

It actually was not really all that bad, just completely mediocre. It was definitely something I could have been fine not attending, and it is something I will not be going to again. It really was not worth the time and money, when we could have been enjoying any park we wanted to with our park hopper passes and also eating whatever we wished.

Photo credit (bottom right): Cruising Goddess

We did get to meet Ariel though, my sister's favorite!

Photo credit: Cruising Goddess

We decided not to stick around for the Illuminations fireworks show because we had all seen it before. instead, we opted to ride the new Test Track. I didn't even know they had redone it. Even though we were in the single rider line, two of us wound up in the same car. At the end of the ride, you get dropped of into what is essentially a Ford showroom, win some funny photo opps.

We ended the night with some ice cream sandwiches before heading back to the hotel to rest for another busy day at WDW.

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  1. Did you attend the pasta in the party on Fri or Sat (before race day)?

  2. Hi Artney,

    The Pasta in the Park Party was held only one night last year (2013). It was on Friday night. It looks like runDisney is having it both on Friday and Saturday night this year for the PHM weekend.