May 28, 2013

Cross-country Drive - Through the Deep South to Nashville

After our day of fun in New Orleans, it was time to move on with another 500-plus mile drive for the day, with our destination being Nashville. With it being July 4th, we hoped to make it in time to see some fireworks and live music. First, we had to make it through Mississippi and Alabama.

We didn't have any places for lunch picked out since we didn't know how far along we would be, so we wound up eating at Outback!

We made pretty good time today and were able to check into the fabulous Hutton Hotel before it was dark out.

Our original plans didn't pan out so we wound up at a sports bar-ish establishment that I can't remember the name of. The fried chicken shack I wanted to go to was closed and it was impossible to get a cab downtown. Thus, we were stuck with mediocre food.

We also had grand plans to visit a couple of bars away from downtown, but apparently, these bars all decided to be closed on the 4th of July. We had such bad luck in Nashville! So with an air of defeat, we went back to our hotel, watched fireworks out of the window and enjoyed our big comfy bed.

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