Jun 11, 2013

Pre-TBEX - Toronto Photo Walk

Prior to the start of the recent TBEX conference, I had the chance to go on what turned out to be a very strange Photo Walk of Toronto. I found it to be strange because the group was relatively large at about 25 participants, and the Photo Walk leader didn't tell us anything about what we were shooting. Even now, I have no idea what half of the sights we visited are called! The tour was also supposed to include tips and tricks for taking photos, but I felt that if you didn't have a DSLR, than none of the information that was given was relevant to you. There must be tips that point-and-shoot users can incorporate, right?

I did get some good photos out of the walk even if I didn't get much information about taking photos or about Toronto itself. I tried to Google search some of the buildings to see if I could identify any of them and had some luck. If you can identify any of them, please tell me in the comments section and I will be very grateful! 

Here is one of the buildings that I was able to identify! This is the main hall of Union Station.

Union Station Toronto

One thing that came up quite often during my trip planning was the fact that Toronto is undergoing a ton of construction. They weren't kidding. There was construction everywhere!

With all of the new construction sites around, there is bound to be more contrasting structures sharing the same cityscape in the future. The Clock Tower of Toronto's Old City Hall is one such structure from the past.

CN Tower is sort of the iconic landmark in Toronto's skyline. It was once the tallest structure in the world. Whenever I wasn't sure if I was heading in the right direction, I just needed to look up and see where CN Tower was to get my bearings again.

I loved the interior of Brookfield Place because of all of the natural light that it brings in. The lines are also quite beautiful.

Brookfield Place Toronto

Brookfield Place Toronto

Architecture wasn't the only thing I noticed on my photo walk. There were also everyday pieces of Toronto living that I was able to capture, such as their BIXI bike shares.

BIXI Bike Share

 And their public transportation system, which includes red streetcars like this.

Toronto streetcar

And their colorful post boxes.

I thought the Photo Walk was pretty much a wash. I didn't feel like I got anything more out of it than I could have gotten had I just picked up a guidebook and led myself on a walking tour of Downtown.

Disclosure: I attended this photo walk free of charge as an attendee of TBEX. All opinions are my own. Read my full disclosure here


  1. I'm point-and-shoot all the way.
    So happy I didn't pick the photo walk. From photos that looked like 10min stroll. What happen to the rest of the time?

    1St pic: Skywalk. Now will be the future platform to the high speed train to the airport operational in 2015.

    2nd pic: underground path http://www.toronto.ca/path/ and it's growing

    4th pic: monument of multiculturalism

    6 pic: Royal Bank Plaza - headquarters of the Royal Bank of Canada with LCBO, shops, food court

    7 pic: Fairmont Royal York - did you go in?

    You can see four gargoyles near top of clock tower

    1. I spent a lot of time wondering what we were supposed to be taking pictures of because we spent so much time in certain spots. We actually wound up taking the subway to the University of Toronto, where we seemed to immediately cross the street to take a streetcar to Kensington Market. I abandoned ship at that point. Thought it was a good point to cut my losses.

      Thanks so much for identifying the buildings for me, much appreciated! We didn't go into the Fairmont. Now, I wish I had. I didn't see the gargoyles until you pointed them out. Thank you!