Jun 24, 2013

Week in Review (June 17 to 23, 2013) + Dinner at The Liberty Tavern

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Sometimes I feel like these "Week in Review"s are exactly like the image above! So if you feel the same way, I apologize, but it also serves as a great accountability tool for me.

This was the first weekend all month that I have been at home for the entire weekend. I was able to get so much done. It was also Raisin Bread's 37th birthday on Friday, and he got to have not one, not two, but three birthday dinners! Yes, I spoil my husband. I'll get to birthday dinner #1 in a second, but first, my week was full of great workouts. I finished my 6 mile training run, so I feel pretty confident about running The Biggest Loser 10K in a few weeks.

Monday: rest
Tuesday: Daily Burn: Hip Flow Yoga (60 minutes)
Wednesday: Ran 2.9 miles
Thursday: Daily Burn: Full Flow Yoga (60 minutes)
Friday: Ran 2.7 miles
Saturday: Ran 1 mile + 20 minute arm workout
Sunday: Ran 6 miles + Pilates Chair (30 minutes)

Total yoga this week: 2 times
Total mileage this week: 12.6 miles
Total mileage this year: 180.97 miles

We had a birthday eve birthday dinner for Raisin Bread on Thursday night. We chose The Liberty Tavern in Clarendon because Green Pig Bistro didn't have any openings. On this night, the service was totally off. Our server asked us if we wanted any appetizers, and we asked to see the cheese menu. He then took the remainder of our order and then proceeded to give us the cheese menu just as our entrees were coming out! Who does that? So we decided to just have the cheese for dessert.

I ordered the Prosciutto Pizza with Parma ham, mascarpone, Parmigiano, arugula, rosemary and preserved lemon. The lemon really made the pizza sing.

Raisin Bread had a half order of the Spinach Tagliatelle with prosciutto, peas, pecorino, crème fraiche, basil and mint, followed by the Arctic Char with mustard spaetzle ragu, fennel, peas, asparagus and preserved lemon froth. I had a few bites of the pasta, and it was really rich and yummy. I especially liked the peas.

For our cheese course, we had the Smokey Blue and the Cabecou Trufee. After our cheese plate arrived, we both noticed that the table next to us was looking at our table and whispering. We both thought it was because the Cabecou Trufee was SO STINKY!!! It turned out they were looking at us because they wanted to order cheese as well. *whoo* I liked the saltiness of the Smokey Blue, but maybe the other one was a little too complex for me or maybe it was just the smell, but I couldn't eat much of it.

Apart from the terrible service, we had another enjoyable meal at The Liberty Tavern. For birthday dinner #2, I cooked a meal of brown rice fusilli, ground turkey, baby portobello mushrooms and spinach. Finally, birthday dinner #3 will need its own post because it was a multiple course extravaganza at Sushi Taro, my favorite sushi in DC.

Happy Monday!

The Liberty Tavern
3195 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201

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