Aug 27, 2013

Washington Redskins vs. Buffalo Bills Preseason Game

I got a surprise in my email inbox late last week. It was an invitation from Klout to attend the upcoming Washington Redskins preseason game against the Buffalo Bills. The email was pretty nonspecific, so I thought it was just two tickets for me and a guest. After conferring with Raisin Bread, we decided to go. I had never been to an NFL game before, and he hadn't been to a Redskins game before, so it would be a new experience for both of us!

On Friday, a confirmation email came with more details. The tickets weren't "just" tickets. We would have Club Level access, and we were also invited to a pre-game tailgate and meet-and-greet with the players' wives and girlfriends. Nice!

Raisin Bread and I planned to meet in time for the pre-game event, but the Metro took soooo long. It took me an hour and 40 minutes to get to FedEx Field and it took Raisin Bread almost 2 hours! So frustrating.

Needless to say, we didn't make it to the tailgate.

FedEx Field

While I waited for Raisin Bread to arrive, I picked up our tickets and found out that we had been upgraded to "Dream Seats" in Row 3! I wasn't sure what that meant but it sounded awesome.

We still had about half an hour before kick off so we went up to the Club Level to check it out. It was so nice. It is entirely enclosed and air-conditioned with dedicated restrooms, restaurants, bars and food courts. We also had access to the party decks, but we didn't scope it out.

My favorite part of the Club Level though was the plethora of seating available. There were tables and chairs and big comfy leather seats everywhere and flat screen televisions at every turn. This would come in handy later.  

A nice concierge took us down to our seats, and we finally figured out what Dream Seats are. They are a dream! Um, can this get any better? 

Dream Seats also get you unlimited basic food and drink: hot dogs, peanuts, cookies, water and soda. I took full advantage of that, maybe a little too much! 

Get your peanuts!

We stayed put for the introductions and run through the tunnel. I still can't believe how close we were! 

We were also there for the start of the first quarter.

I was getting a little too much sun, so we went back to the Club Level to sit in the lounge for the rest of the first quarter. We headed back out for the remainder of the game.

I spy #10 from across the field!

Washington beat Buffalo: 30 to 7! 

Since we missed the pre-game event, we decided to stop in to the 5th quarter post-game party on the Club Level. It also gave us a chance to wander around some more. There are PS3s to play on, lots of places to eat and drink and even an Audi Club. 

The 5th quarter was held in a tent on the patio and featuring some live music! Lots of party people!

We stayed for about 20 minutes before heading home!

Bye, FedEx Field! Thanks again to Klout and The Women of Washington Redskins Club for the amazing time!

Disclosure: I received complimentary tickets for me and a guest to this preseason game from Klout and The Women of Washington Redskins Club. All opinions are my own. Read my full disclosure here.

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