Oct 10, 2013

{Product Review} UrgentRx Fast Powders

Ever had a headache strike and found yourself without a glass of water to wash down your pills? For someone who is always on the go like myself, you can find yourself in this situation quite often.

UrgentRx is a line of fast-acting, portable, over-the-counter medications that provide relief from common ailments and come in a form perfect for busy folks. UrgentRx comes in single dose, credit-card sized packets and, get this, they are in a flavored, powder form. They also have the same active ingredients as well-known OTCs.

UrgentRx has five products including Critical Care Aspirin, Heartburn Relief, Headache Relief, Upset Stomach Relief, Ache & Pain Relief and Allergy Attack.

I was recently sent three of the products to try out.

The active ingredient in Allergy Attack is diphenhydramine while Ache & Pain Relief contains 650 mg of aspirin and 60 mg of caffeine and Headache Relief contains 325 mg of aspirin and 30 mg of caffeine.

I loved being able to take the packets with me and use them whenever and wherever I wanted to. There was no need for water because the powder dissolves immediately in your mouth. I also thought the flavors were great. It didn't taste medicinal at all. In fact, they kind of reminded me of Pixie Sticks.

I've found UrgentRx on various websites selling for $13.99 for 12 packets. 

What's my take? UrgentRx is a convenient product for busy, on-the-go people. Frequent travelers would also really appreciate the portability of UrgentRx. The powders taste great. I also feel comfortable knowing that they contain the same active ingredients as other OTCs I am familiar with. Best of all is that I can take them immediately without worrying about where to find water and without having to carry around a bottle of medicine. The cost seems slightly prohibitive though at over $1.00 a dose, but I guess you're paying for the convenience. 

Disclosure: I received three packets of UrgentRx from Behrman Communications for the purpose of this review. No compensation was received. All opinions are my own. Read my full disclosure here


  1. I think I might need to use some of these! Thanks so much!