Oct 14, 2013

Weeks in Review (September 30 to October 13, 2013)

This was another rough week but for entirely different reasons. It has rained five of the last seven days! It definitely felt like it was never going to stop raining.

Because of the weather, it has been pretty hard for me to get out and do stuff. We did get to have some fun this weekend though. I found out late last week that I won two entries into the Cosmic Run 5K, so Raisin Bread and I ran it on Saturday night. We had a blast! Stay tuned for my post later this week.

September 30 to October 6, 2013
Monday: rest
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: ran 2.47 miles
Thursday: BBL - Sculpt (50 minutes)
Friday: rest
Saturday: ran 7 miles
Sunday: BBL - Sculpt (50 minutes)

Total mileage this week: 9.47 miles

October 7 to 13, 2013
Monday: rest
Tuesday: BBL - High and Tight + Cardio Axe (65 minutes)
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: BBL - Bum Bum (35 minutes)
Friday: rest
Saturday: BBL - Sculpt (50 minutes) + Cosmic Run 5K
Sunday: ran/walked 3.6 miles

Total mileage this week: 6.7 miles
Total mileage this year: 298.9 miles

Happy Monday! And if you get today off for Columbus Day, enjoy!

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