Oct 22, 2013

What a Weekend in LA!

Another crazy weekend has come and gone! I left on Thursday night and flew out to LA, arriving at 11 pm to start a weekend all about my baby brother. It was his wedding weekend! 

No journey out of Reagan Airport is complete without a selection of unhealthy food options, so I grabbed some Chicken McNuggets and sat back to read. 

On Friday, I had some free time so I headed up to Toluca Lake to meet up with my friend for lunch at SweetSalt Food Shop. I'm not too familiar with that area of LA, but it turns out that this is the place of former Top Chef cheftestant, Alex Eusebio. I had no idea. 

I ordered the serrano and fig sandwich, which also had brie in it and came with a side salad. The bread was a real French baguette, which means that the roof of my mouth is still (three days later) raw from biting into it. Still yummy though! 

After lunch, I headed back south to Culver City to visit another friend and meet her second child for the first time. Too cute. I brought along four macarons that I had acquired from SweetSalt, which we shared. The flavors I chose were pistachio, black sesame, strawberries and cream and lavender. There were so many other flavors that I wish I could have tried them all! 

That night, it was rehearsal dinner time. The brother and fiancee had a traditional Chinese banquet-style dinner at Royal Garden in Cerritos. So much food: there was roast and barbecue pork, shrimp balls, minced vegetables, abalone soup, abalone with mushrooms, lobsters, Peking duck and a whole fish. *drool*

That night, we stayed at the wedding venue, The Hills Hotel in Laguna Hills. We had a busy day ahead of us, so on Saturday, we pretty much only had time to eat brunch before we had to get ready and assist with the wedding preparations. 

For brunch, we headed to the Break of Dawn. I picked it late on Friday night and had I done more research, I might not have gone here. It is the definition of pretentious and bad service. The food was good though. 

Sister and brother-in-law joined us, and we shared a cinnamon bun. I ordered the sausage and rice for my entree. I loved the picked veggies that came on the rice.

After that, it was time to change and set-up. I'm not going to share any photos of the happy couple because I'm pretty sure they didn't get married to appear on my blog without their permission, but I will share some of the adorable wedding details. 

Brother and his now wife love Ugly Dolls and stuffed animals, and they invaded the wedding. Their guestbook consisted of Pixar postcards, which went into an album.

Wages at the guest book table

More stuffed animals reserved the front row seats.

Raisin Bread and I were waiting around during family photo time and snuck in this photo. 


The wedding cake was topped with Tortoro wedding cake toppers handmade by the bride!

There was a photo booth and a flip book booth during the reception, which we took full advantage of! 

My weekend ended the next morning with a long day of traveling back to the east coast. It was a super fun and warm wedding with familiar and new faces! Big sister is so happy for the couple!

SweetSalt Food Shop
10218 Riverside Drive
Toluca Lake, Ca 91602

Royal Garden
11828 South Street
Cerritos, CA 90703

Break of Dawn (CLOSED)
24351 Avenida de La Carlota N-6
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

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