Nov 19, 2013

{Product Review} The Lemonade Cookbook by Alan Jackson and Joann Cianciulli

Raisin Bread was away on a business/leisure trip for part of last week, so I decided to surprise him with a multi-course meal the night he returned. I turned to The Lemonade Cookbook to try out some new recipes. 

Chef Alan Jackson's Southern California modern cafeterias called Lemonade are the source of the 120 recipes shared in this beautiful cookbook.

Dishes from marketplace sides, salads and sandwiches along with soups and braises are featured in the cookbook. Also, there is a whole section of different lemonade recipes. Chef Jackson's recipes showcase his approach to healthy Southern California comfort food that leans heavily on global flavors.

For our first course, I prepared the Creamed Cauliflower Soup. The soup came out so smooth and creamy. It was rich while not being overly heavy.

For the main course, I made the Greek-marinated Chicken with Tzatsiki. Instead of grilling the chicken, I decided to broil it. The chicken came out super moist, and I loved the homemade tzatsiki. The flavors were very strong, but so tasty!

I must admit that dessert was the least successful course. I attempted the Caramel-Butterscotch Pudding. Both Raisin Bread and I found it to be a little too sweet for our tastes, but the flavor actually grew on me. Also, it didn't turn out to be the prettiest of desserts.

There are a ton of recipes left that I would love to try, especially some of the salads and sandwiches. Everything looks so pretty and yummy! I love being able to get new ideas from a reliable cookbook and I think The Lemonade Cookbook is just that!

Disclosure: I received a copy of The Lemonade Cookbook from St Martin's Press through my affiliation with Girls Gone Sporty. No compensation was received. All opinions are my own. Read my full disclosure here

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