Dec 5, 2013

Savannah and Charleston Road Trip - Part 2

My last post left off with us exploring Bonaventure Cemetery. For the remainder of the afternoon, Raisin Bread and I took a walk through Forsyth Park, which is a large public park in the middle of the city. Kind of like Central Park but smaller.

The main feature of Forsyth Park is Forsyth Fountain. I was half expecting the fountain to be shut off, but I am happy that it wasn't!

For the entire trip, I could not get enough of the trees and Spanish moss. This tree-shaded path leads into the park. 

Being from California and the Northeast, we both find it incredibly strange to see monuments to Confederate soldiers. This was the first of many such memorials that we saw over the course of our weekend.

Confederate Memorial

We checked in to our hotel after our visit to Forsyth Park and spent a few hours resting our feet.

During the evening, we took a long walk from our hotel down to River Street.

This was the only glimpse of The Lady Chablis that we got during our visit!

Not surprisingly, River Street was very very dead, being that it was Thanksgiving Day. Most of the shops and restaurants were closed and there were hardly any people walking around.

My favorite part of our walk was seeing Factor's Walk. It is basically a series of walkways that lead from Bay Street down to River Street. It was sort of eerie walking along them since it was dark and there were few people around.

We passed by City Hall and some other historic sites along the way.

We had to walk back up to Bay Street to get to the restaurant that we had reservations for. These stairs seemed like a good way to get there!

We got to the place we were planning to have dinner at and waited for our table for about half an hour before I realized that they were only serving a Thanksgiving buffet. The thought of eating Thanksgiving food again made me want to barf, so we decided to find something else to eat.

We stumbled upon Wet Willie's and since it was so late by then, we decided to go for it. I'm not sure what Wet Willie's is like on a normal night but it was very calm on Thanksgiving Day. There were two cops standing by the bar the entire time, which made Raisin Bread and me think that this place is normally crazy. That was not something we had to deal with this night, thank goodness.

For dinner, I had a pina colada daiquiri and nachos, while Raisin Bread had a burger and a chicken salad that I also picked at. Funny how I couldn't stomach another Thanksgiving meal but I was all over the greasy bar food!

Wet Willie's has lots and lots of different frozen daiquiris, some with silly names. 

After dinner, we made our way back to the hotel and hit the hay.

Next up, a full day in Savannah!

Wet Willie's
101 East River Street
Savannah, GA 31401

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