Jan 14, 2014

More of Savannah, Georgia in Pictures

On our tour of the Owens-Thomas House

Fountain in Columbia Square

William Gordon Monument and Tomochichi Burial Site in Wright Square

Tomochichi Memorial in Wright Square

Lucas Theatre

Johnny Mercer statue in Ellis Square

City Market

Paula Deen's The Lady and Sons and The Paula Deen Store. The culinary world's most epic fall from grace of 2013

Savannah's Candy Kitchen - Pralines and other sweets
Haitian Monument in Franklin Square

First African Baptist Church

Dinner at the Olde Pink House
Southern Sushi, Crispy-scored flounder,
sugar snaps, green beans, edamame and mashed potatoes, mac and cheese,
pork shank with pineapple and molasses from Olde Pink House
Key Lime Pie from Olde Pink House
praline cup dessert - Picture of The Olde Pink House, Savannah
Praline Cup from Olde Pink House - The most beautiful dessert (see below for credit)
This photo of The Olde Pink House is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Planters' Tavern

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Olde Pink House
23 Abercorn Street
Savannah, GA 31401


  1. Again, great shots! Another of my fave places (C-ston still first!) that I'll get to again this spring. You're making me hungry!

    1. Savannah and Charleston were both great food cities. Thinking about them makes me hungry too!