May 8, 2014

Sunday Afternoon in Yoyogi Park (Tokyo, Japan)

We found ourselves in Tokyo on a beautiful spring Sunday, so we planned to buy some food items and have a nice, relaxing afternoon picnic in Yoyogi Park

Our apartment was located near a 24 hour grocery store with a huge prepared food section. Raisin Bread and I picked a strange assortment of yummy food, including chicken, chips, potato salad, salad with tuna sashimi, inarizushionigiri, mochi, watermelon and strawberries, to enjoy outdoors. Unfortunately, we did not have a tarp or picnic blanket, so we found ourselves sitting on plastic bags and our coats!

As I mentioned before, there do not seem to be any open container laws in Japan, so I picked up a can of cherry blossom themed beer. It tasted like a regular light Japanese beer.

There were tons of other people who had the same idea on how to spend the afternoon.  

It made for great people watching. This group had guitars, a pink-haired friend and light sabers. Not sure what was going on there!

After we finished our food, we took some time to walk around the park a bit. We didn't get very far because the park is enormous!

I read that visiting Yoyogi Park on a Sunday would allow you to see cosplayers, but I did not see any at all. What we did see was:

A dance group practicing their routine

A small drum circle

An insane number of dogs wearing clothes

The standard poodle with the most amazing haircut in the world

The famous Yoyogi Park greasers / rockabillies

Picnicking in Yoyogi Park is a great way to do an activity that all of the locals do, while catching a glimpse of Japanese culture. It was also a perfect way to take a break from the sightseeing and just enjoy the moment! 

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