Jun 9, 2014

Playing Tourist in DC

It was a beautiful weekend in DC! Not too hot, full of sunshine and no thunderstorms! I still have not been released by my doctor to begin exercising again, so I have been doing my fair share of walking. Even walking has been tough going for me. My energy level is still pretty low and I don't feel anywhere near being fully recovered.

I decided to play tourist in my fair city, taking advantage of the beautiful weather and all of the great things to do in Washington while getting my walks in.

On Saturday, I headed to the National Mall. The plan was to pay a visit to one of my favorite Smithsonian museums: the Hirshhorn Museum. Despite checking out the website beforehand to see what was on, I did not realize that the second and third levels were closed! 

There were only three exhibitions going on. One was Barbara Kruger's Belief + Doubt, which I had seen before and two video installations, a medium of which I am not a fan. There went my plans.

Barbara Kruger's Belief + Doubt
Barbara Kruger's Belief + Doubt

Despite only spending maybe 15 to 20 minutes in the museum, I actually found myself to be pretty tired. I debated trying to do something else and decided against it. Instead, I headed back to the Metro with my tail between my legs. 

I passed by the Art and Industries Building, which has been undergoing renovations for the last 10 years. The building was constructed in 1879 and was covered up with scaffolding for as long as I can recall. To see it in its current state was heartening. The outside looks magnificent. It is sad that there are no plans to reopen the building in the foreseeable future.   

Arts and Industries Building
Arts and Industries Building

Directly across from the Arts and Industries Building is the beautiful Carousel on the Mall.

I also caught a glimpse of the Smithsonian Castle, the first Smithsonian Institution building. Out front is a statue of Joseph Henry, the first Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution.

On the way home, I was tempted into buying a faux Cronut from Crumbs Bake Shop. They called it a "Crumbnut." I should have kept walking because this was not special. The Bavarian creme was pretty tasty though.

Crumbnut with Bavarian cream

On Sunday, I was up bright and early, so I decided to take a walk to Georgetown before its sidewalks were overflowing with tourists and shoppers.

I headed across the Key Bridge.

From there, I could see the Washington Monument poking out above the trees.

Despite how peaceful the C&O Canal looked, I would not be tricked into taking a stroll along it. The still water plus the humidity equals mosquitoes, and for some reason, I seem to have a target on my back when it comes to mosquitoes.

The main reason for my walk to Georgetown was that I wanted to visit the Exorcist Stairs, made famous for their appearance in the film The Exorcist.

I did not intend to walk up the stairs, but I figured since I was already there, I might as well. 

Once I reached the top, I made my way back down again and headed back home. 

See you later, Georgetown!

It was back across the bridge for me and into Virginia.


  1. Lovely Photos. I think DC is sort of an underrated city in the US. My Wife and I randomly spent Christmas there a few years ago and had so much fun.

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