Jun 18, 2014

{Product Review} Active Accessories On-the-Go Hair Band Bracelets

Despite the fact that summer has not officially started yet, DC is already experiencing high temperatures and disgusting humidity. That means, on my commutes to and from work, hair up is a must. Arriving at work with my hair soaked with sweat and stuck to the back of my neck is not cute. 

I have been trying out Active Accessories On-the-Go Hair Band Bracelets for different levels of activities, so a trip on the Metro would be a good test. I received a pack of six of the hair band bracelets in "Elegant." I love the variety of colors that are available. The metallic and houndstooth print are definitely more stylish than my usual plain black hair bands. 

Unfortunately, as soon as I put one of the bands on, I knew that it would not be secure enough to hold my super thick hair, so I doubled up. I love that the band bracelets are fashionable enough to be worn around my wrist without cutting off its circulation. This made it easy for me to take my hair down after I arrived at work and put it back up on my way home.

I also tried wearing the bands while doing some household chores and also found them to not be as secure as I would hope. I am pretty certain that they would not work for me during a run or another intense workout. 

What's my take: I love how cute the Active Accessories Hair Band Bracelets are and that they are comfortable enough to be worn around my wrist. Unfortunately, my hair is just too thick to wear them during anything but light activities. I think they would be perfect for someone who does not have so much thick hair. For now, I will be wearing two of them at a time.

Disclosure: I received a pack of six hair bands from Active Accessories for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No compensation was received. Read my full disclosure here

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  1. Bands are hard. I almost always have to pin them to make sure that they stay. They do have cute patterns though!