Sep 30, 2014

Corrales Harvest Festival Pet Parade

Gus finally finished getting the last of his puppy shots and was cleared by the vet to go out and explore the world. While he has been around tons of people and is very friendly with humans, he hasn't had a chance to be around other animals or dogs until now, so we are trying to get him socialized as soon as possible. 

Raisin Bread found a fun event for us to take Gus to this past weekend, which would ensure that he would meet some furry friends. 

We headed to the village of Corrales for their annual Harvest Festival. One of the main events of the festival is the pet parade.

I bought Gus a costume, but unfortunately, it did not fit him. He's still a growing boy after all, so he joined in the parade sans costume. This year's theme was Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), so many humans and animals were dressed up according to the theme. 

The parade started off with horses. 

They were followed by a few goats. Then came a pair of llamas. 

This is where we joined the parade, with a whole bunch of doggies!

Gus has been pretty shy/scared around other dogs so far, but he started to warm up towards the end of the parade. He even said hi to this cocker spaniel in a peacock outfit.

Hopefully, Gus had fun during his visit to the Harvest Festival. He, at least, was very tired after his long walk along the parade route and from all of the mental stimulation he got!

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