Oct 6, 2014

Wine and Dine Half Marathon 2014 - Week 6 Training Recap

A little over 30 days to go for Wine & Dine and I am woefully unprepared. The last few months have been way too much for me to handle. On top of moving across the country, we moved into a new house that is needing about 100 percent more work than we anticipated - basically, we thought we would not be doing many renovations. Instead, we are needing to fix up each and every room in the place! We also brought home our little Gus two months ago. If you have ever had a puppy, you understand how much work and supervision a little puppy needs.

These two changes in my life have brought on a lot of additional stress, and making time for half marathon training has been extremely difficult. Not having time to work out is also stressing me out!

I did not have much of a goal for this race besides the fact that I wanted to run/walk with my sister. It looking more and more like I am going to either need a good training push over this next month or I am going to have to walk most of the race. I am a little disappointed with my training progress to date, but life happens.  

This week saw absolutely zero running miles.

September 29 to October 5, 2014
Monday: rest
Tuesday: Yoga - 25 minutes
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: Yoga - 25 minutes
Friday: Yoga - 25 minutes
Saturday: 1.28 miles hike with Raisin Bread and Gus
Sunday: Yoga - 15 minutes

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