Dec 23, 2014

12k's of Christmas 2014 - Race Recap

Earlier this month, Raisin Bread and I headed to Phoenix, Arizona for the weekend. Raisin Bread lived in Phoenix for a few years before we met and keeps in touch with quite a few of his old friends there. In addition to spending some time with them, we decided to fit a race into our weekend. 

The 12k's of Christmas race took place in nearby Gilbert, Arizona's Freestone Park. We arrived without much time to do anything besides park, pick up our bibs and goody bags, take the goody bags to the car and then get in the race just as it was starting. There was no time to go to the bathroom or even stretch. Not the way I like to start a race!

The race was pet-friendly and benefited animal-related organizations. Dogs were welcome to run in the race and were heavily represented in the post-race activities! Too bad Gus did not come on this trip with us.

It had rained the night before the race as well as race day morning. We were lucky that it was no longer raining but much of the beginning of the route was along a trail and it was muddy and slippery.

Since we weren't able to use the bathroom before the race, I stopped at the first porta-potty I saw.

Mile 1: 14:53

The second portion of the course was a long a road lined with farms. 

Mile 2: 11:37

Our scenery changed again as we ran along the Riparian Preserve. All along the race course there were groups of carolers cheering us on and singing Christmas songs. This was the first time I ran a Christmas-themed race, and it was so festive and fun.  I also loved how many great Christmas-themed race outfits and Santa hats I saw. 

Mile 3: 12:52
Mile 4: 12:56
Mile 5: 12:05

The course was out and back so the final two miles were the same as before. 

Mile 6: 12:08
Mile 7: 12:13

Official time:  1:35:21

I did not have a goal time for this race. I actually wasn't even sure what I should be aiming for since this was also my first 12K. Since I haven't really run since Wine & Dine, I was just happy to get in some good mileage and run with the hubby!

As we crossed the finish line, we got medals, which I was not expecting at all. So cool, and they had a doggie on them. 

After we finished, Raisin Bread and I walked around a bit, picked up some refreshments and visited some of the dogs and rats that were up for adoption. So many sweet furry friends!

In addition to our medal, we got a pair of Christmas socks. I thought this was a fantastic idea since I get/have way too many race t-shirts that I never wear.

This race was lots of fun, Now, I want to run a race with Gus. We'll probably have to start with a 5K since he's still a baby.

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