Jan 1, 2015

Phoenix Eats

Happy 2015!!! Hope you had a safe and festive New Years' Eve!

In addition to visiting with friends and running a 12K, Raisin Bread and I hit up a variety of eateries during our weekend in Phoenix.

825 West University Drive
Tempe, AZ 85281

We wanted a light breakfast prior to our 12K and decided on Essence Bakery in Tempe, which was near our hotel. 

Essence Organic Granola - organic oats, barley flakes, wheat flakes, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, organic honey, dates, organic soy milk with yogurt

I really did not enjoy this dish, especially the soupy consistency it had. It was also lacking any flavor of honey whatsoever. It sounds like such a simple dish to construct but was not executed well at all. 

930 West Broadway Road
Suite 11
Tempe, AZ 85282

Salad with rice, gyro, lemon garlic braised kale, roasted red pepper hummus, tabbouleh, pickles, olives, cucumbers, pepperoncinis, beets and tzatziki sauce 

This was probably my favorite meal of our trip. Hummus Xpress is sort of like the Chipotle model, where you choose your food delivery vehicle (salad, pita, bowl or plate) and then customize the rest of the elements of your dish. Everything was fresh and tasty and the salad was very filling.

Nobuo at Teeter House
622 East Adams Street
Phoenix AZ 85004

Our final lunch was at the stunning Teeter House, located in Heritage Square.

I started with a pot of genmaicha (roasted brown rice green tea), which I found to be a little weak.

Grapefruit and Hamachi with avocado and white truffle oil. Beautiful and delicious!

Tuna Tataki - seared with roasted beet puree. I only had a few bites of this dish, but the combination of beet puree and seared tuna was fantastic.

Okonomiyaki - This brought me back to our trip to Japan this spring. It was so similar to the version I had while I was there.

Warm Duck Salad with grilled greens and yuzu vinaigrette. This was by far my least favorite dish. I don't know what the grilled onions added, and I felt like the dish as a whole was underseasoned.

The Vig
4041 North 40th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85018

We still had some time before we had to head back to the airport, so we decided to grab some dessert and watch some football at The Vig.

It seems as though this place is for the bottomless brunch crowd, evidenced by the fact that the men's bathroom was closed due to an episode of vomiting.

We went with iced teas and an order of the bread pudding, instead.

Well, Phoenix, it was a fun trip with beautiful weather. Hope we can visit again soon!

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