Mar 17, 2015

Fight for Air Climb + Other Weekend Fun

Happy St. Patrick's Day! It's beginning to feel like spring here in Albuquerque. It feels like we have been traveling a lot in the last few months, so it was nice to have a regular weekend at home. 

The weekend started off with a stairclimb for me. I completed the American Lung Association's Fight for Air Climb

The event took place at the 9-storey tall Sunrise Bank Building in Downtown. Raisin Bread came along with me because we wanted to have brunch afterwards, and since this was my second time doing a stairclimb, we figured it would not take very long considering the number of floors I had to complete.

It was a very small event. I think there were a little over 100 people registered. As soon as I got there, I turned in my waiver, picked up my climb shirt and got in line to head to the stairs. Shortly afterwards, I was up and climbing. 

I finished in 1:35! Wow, my legs felt like jelly afterwards. 

The rooftop of the building was set up for a party. There were people doing Zumba and the views of the city were pretty spectacular!

After I caught my breath, we headed to The Grove Cafe and Market a few blocks away. This is one of my favorite places to eat, but since it isn't that close to our home, we usually can only come on the weekends when it is extra busy!

I ordered the kale and brussels salad with bacon, smoked gouda, dried cranberries, walnuts and some other items I can't recall. The salad was huge and so delicious. I am a kale addict. The salad was so big that I was able to take a lot of it home to eat later that day.

The rest of the weekend was filled with hanging out with the puppies. Here is Gus waiting patiently for his dinner. hashtag crossedpaws 

On Sunday morning, we had our first hike of the year on the Embudito Trail. I love that so many of the trails in Albuquerque are dog-friendly. My pups love being outside. 

We did an easy 1 mile out and back before heading home.

Sunday morning also called for some donuts. I zipped over to Rebel Donut and got us a coconut, cinnamon roll, Rainbow and chocolate red chile bacon donut. Yum!

Sunday afternoon required some meal prep for the week as well. I made a big batch of steel cut oatmeal with strawberries and honey for our breakfasts.

Plus, some shakes of bananas, almond milk, mixed berries and honey. So easy!

I also, finally, got out my paperwork to start working on our taxes. That took the better part of the day and I am still not finished. Ugh, taxes. 

Hope your weeks are off to a good start!

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