Apr 4, 2015

Recent Happenings - April 4, 2015 Edition

Hello, friends! Sorry for the lack of updates. I was in DC most of last week and have been sick all of this week with some kind of sinus infection. 

Hope you are enjoying the beginning of Passover / looking forward to Easter Sunday / eating lots of chocolate bunnies!

Sickie Poo
I started feeling sick on Tuesday. I had the worst sore throat I can remember having in a long time. I was having difficulty swallowing and would wake up with lots of awesome mucus, severe congestion and a major headache. Whenever I get one of these things, I try to wait it out because all of the times I have tried to see the doctor, they always tell me the first available appointment is at least two weeks away. Ugh!

I am finally starting to feel better! Hooray! I think it's because I ate a lot of red onion this morning. Did you know red onions have many health benefits including anti-inflammatory properties and providing protection against allergies? It could be the onions or it could just be that I successfully waited the sickness out. We will never know.

Springtime in DC = Wintertime in DC
I arrived in DC late last Wednesday. My second stop (after my hotel) was Shake Shack!! The line was so long. It took forever to get my order, but it was worth it. I enjoyed my ShackBurger and Black and White Shake in the comfort of my hotel room while watching American Pickers. Business travel ≠ glamorous

Thursday was actually a nice day. I have been wanting to run to the Mall, and this would have been the perfect afternoon for it. But it didn't even cross my mind, so I wound up hitting the hotel treadmill. Silly, Wabbit!

Afterwards, I met up with my friend, Robyn, for dinner in Chinatown, which I failed to document. After dinner, we walked to the National Portrait Gallery to sit in the front of the building and chat. We had a good time reminiscing and catching up. 

I wound up extending my trip this month and found myself at an old favorite: Kogiya Korean BBQ in Annandale, Virginia, with some awesome friends and the Raisin Bread.

We had a ridiculous amount of food, including rib eye, galbi, marinated duck and marinated chicken, which came with the assortment of banchan as well as spicy soybean soup and steamed egg.

So stuffed...Can't move....When's dessert? We promptly headed to Breeze Bakery Cafe for some cake, ice cream and shaved ice.

Saturday was terrible weather-wise. It was dreary, WINDY and in the 30s. Not fun. Brunch was consumed at a French bistro called Le Diplomate. I had a latte and the Poached Eggs Basquaise with prosciutto and creamy polenta. There was something off with my dish. It was super salty and not very enjoyable.

We headed to the Mall for the rest of the day to hide out in the Hirshhorn Museum and the National Gallery of Art. The Capitol Building is undergoing renovations on its dome and was covered up in scaffolding.

You can tell by the trees that spring had definitely not sprung yet in DC. Afternoon rolled around and it was time to head back to Albuquerque.

View of the National Mall
Hopefully, my next visit will be more agreeable weather-wise!

I Adopted a Doberman

I am a Doberman!

Okay, not really.

I bought a Wisdom Panel DNA test ($65 on Amazon) for our rescue pup, Carson, in hopes of finding out more about his background. Apparently, he is mostly mixed breed, 25% miniature poodle and 12.5% doberman pinscher. Uh, say what? We suspected he was part miniature poodle, but I did not expect it to be such a small percentage of his make-up. He has several characteristics that are doberman-like: alert, energetic, intelligent, loyal and fearless. None of the physical traits though as far as I can tell. 

Do you remember Alpha the doberman from the movie Up? He is what I think of when I think of dobermans. Heehee

Even though we still don't have a complete picture of his DNA, he will always be our little doggie.

Question: Have you ever gotten a DNA test on your dog? 

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