Apr 27, 2015

Weekend Update and Random Thoughts - April 27, 2015 Edition

Happy Monday, friends! I am on my way to Washington, DC this morning and hoping for some nice weather. 

We took it pretty easy this weekend but also managed to squeeze in some fun. I had a minor surgical procedure on Thursday afternoon, and I was not sure how I would feel in the days following the surgery. I wound up feeling fine after Thursday night. No pain or bleeding! Hooray!

On Friday night, Raisin Bread and I headed out to dinner at Thai Vegan. This is our favorite Thai place in Albuquerque despite the fact that they don't serve any meat. We have not found a non-vegan Thai restaurant we like quite yet. 

I had a Thai iced tea and pad thai with soy chicken. Yummy!   

On Saturday morning, we went on a short hike with the puppers. I love the accessibility to outdoor activities that we have here.

Next Sunday, I am running the Run for the Zoo 10K, which will be my first 10K of the year. Yesterday, I got in my last long run before race day and put in 6.1 miles on the treadmill.  

Source: runforthezoo.com

The rest of Sunday was yucky weather-wise so I ran out to get some ice cream and have been checking out the new Netflix documentary series: Chef's Table

I mentioned a few posts ago that I got some planters for the backyard. My mom helped me pick out some plants and planted them while she was in town. They are doing quite well. No fruits or veggies to eat yet though. The herbs that we transferred to the outside are not doing so well, on the other hand. Sad face.

Finally, I have a love/hate relationship with virtual races, but I couldn't resist signing up for the this year's Beat the Blerch virtual race. Can't wait to get my goodies in the mail.  

Source: beattheblerch.com

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