Jun 5, 2015

Happy 4th Anniversary!

I cannot believe that Raisin Bread and I have been married for four years! It does not feel like it at all. We celebrated our anniversary in the middle of a hectic week, which involved me traveling to DC and back.

Yesterday after work, Raisin Bread surprised me with a beautiful flower arrangement and anniversary card.

Then we celebrated our anniversary with dinner at Elaine's in Nob Hill.

Dinner service started with homemade sopapillas with honey butter and proscuitto. It was like starting with dessert, but so good.

We each stuffed ourselves silly with three courses. I started with the King Crab with apple, ghee and watercress. I wanted something that was on the light side so this fit the bill perfectly. 

The hubster had the Ramen Bowl with pork belly, brodo, 45-minute egg and bamboo shoots. The broth tasted very nontraditional to my palate, but the noodles were nicely cooked.

For my second course, I had the Burger with foie gras, aioli, lettuce, onion and cheese on a brioche bun. It was supposed to have kale on it, but instead, I got lettuce. I was pretty disappointed by the lack of kale, but there were lots of yummy pickles.

Finally, it was time for dessert. I had the Nutella Semifreddo. Yum!

Raisin Bread ended with the apple gallette.

It was our first time dining at Elaine's and overall, I was very happy with our meal. Most importantly, I am looking forward to spending many more anniversaries with my loving husband!

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