Jun 3, 2015

Roadtrippin' 2015: Very Large Array and Pie Town

Our goal for the day was to complete the six hour drive from Las Cruces to Holbrook, Arizona. You might be wondering why I have only been documenting our dinners on this trip. In order to save money, I purposely booked almost all of our lodging at places that offer free hot breakfast. We also packed a cooler full of food for our lunches and road snacks.

On this day, however, the breakfast offerings were so sad that we decided to eat out instead. We headed to A Bite of Belgium, where I had some yummy waffles with Bavarian cream and bananas. I am glad that we skipped the hotel breakfast!

Then it was time to pack up the car with the pups and hit the road. A few days before our trip, Raisin Bread got a few recommendations from his coworkers that were exactly on our route and made for perfect breaks during our road trip.

Our first stop was the city of Truth or Consequences because I wanted to take a picture of a sign with the city's name on it. Yes, I am a nerd.

Next up was the Very Large Array, located near Socorro. 

The Very Large Array is a astronomical radio observatory that is made up of 27 radio antennas. Each antenna is 82 feet in diameter, which equals HUGE!

We took a self-guided tour around the grounds. The highlight of which was being able to walk to the base of one of the working antenna. 

Gus, Carson and I are teeny!

A town of pie?? We were both super excited about our next stop of the day: Pie Town, New Mexico. Even though his nickname is Raisin Bread, my husband's favorite type of sweet is...yes, you guessed it...pie!

Stop? For pie? Okay, if you insist!

We visited Pie Town on a Tuesday and we wound up having a hard time finding pie in the town of pie. The first three places we tried were closed. We finally backtracked and found that The Pie Source was open. 

We met the friendly owner and a fellow traveler and enjoyed some delicious pies outside in the New Mexico sun. 

Raisin Bread had a whipped cream covered pecan pie and I had a delicious red chile apple pie. Oh, it was delicious!

We finally crossed the New Mexico-Arizona border, but our day was running behind. So we decided to stop for dinner in Pinetop-Lakeside, rather than trying to make it to Holbrook first. 

Just as its name suggests, Pinetop-Lakeside is definitely a picturesque place. We headed to Moose Henri's for some burgers, which were just okay. But they did allow us to take Gus and Carson inside with us. 

After dinner, we finally made it to Holbrook to rest are road-weary heads. 

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