Aug 4, 2015

Rave Run: Redondo Beach

Last week, I was in LA for the weekend and had an 8 mile training run on the docket. Since it has been too hot for me to run outside in Albuquerque, I decided to hit the pavement while I was in sunny Southern California.

I ran from where I was staying in Torrance down to Redondo Beach.

Look at all of the palm trees!

OMG! It's the Pacific Ocean!

One of the most amazing things in Los Angeles is the 40-mile long ocean-front beach path that goes all the way from Malibu and down to Torrance Beach. When Raisin Bread lived in Manhattan Beach, we would run or ride our bikes along the path on most weekends.

A significant portion of my run took place along the Redondo Beach portion of the path.

You can't tell from my photos but there were tons of walkers, runners and bikers out on this beautiful Sunday morning.

I ran south along the path, where you could see the hills of Palos Verdes.

I did an out-and-back route and headed back towards Redondo Landing to make my way back to my starting point.

As I was running, I kept thinking about how my run was so typical of my previous life, living in LA. That is when I saw the most cliched hippie LA thing: a guy...sitting by the beach path...playing a didgeridoo! I almost starting laughing and desperately wanted to take a photo of him.

I made it back to Torrance and decided to detour to my old stomping grounds: my high school alma mater! Go, West High! It has been a long time since I graduated in 1998!

It was a gorgeous, if warm and sunny, day for an outdoor run!

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