Aug 20, 2015

Running with Westin's Gear Lending Program and RunBoston

This marks the final post recapping my trip to Boston earlier this month. I did not get much exercise in during the conference because the conference organizers were a bit disorganized and did not tell us that we had access to a gym until after we had already arrived.

Since I only packed a carry-on bag for my trip, I did not have room to pack my running shoes. But I knew that I would be able to get some workouts in after I switched to the Westin Copley Place because of their partnership with New Balance. Westin and New Balance recently created a Gear Lending Program, where for a fee of $5 you can borrow a pair of running shoes during your stay. Along with shoes, you can also borrow shorts, tops, sports bras and socks.

After I checked into my room, I called the Service line and requested my shoes. I also asked for a top and shorts. After a short wait, this drawstring bag was delivered to my room. You need to be there to sign for the items.

On Saturday night, I was able to use the hotel fitness center. Since I had already walked so much during the day, I only did one mile on the treadmill. 

I love the Gear Lending Program! It makes it easy to workout without having to worry about how you are going to fit your gear into your luggage. Westin also has a RunWestin program, which you can request running routes from the hotel's "running concierge." Also, guided runs are available to join during the week. Westin is doing a great job in supporting a healthy lifestyle.

On Sunday morning, I booked a private running tour of Boston with RunBoston. Just before 7:30 am, I met Erin from RunBoston outside of my hotel and we started the tour. I requested a 4-ish mile route that included the Charles River and the Boston Marathon Finish Line. During the week, she sent me two different options and had me pick the one I preferred.

We started north towards Boylston Street and passed by the Trinity Church.

Then we headed through Boston Public Garden, where we stopped at one of the statues that I had missed on Saturday: an equestrian statue of George Washington.

 The majority of our route was along the Charles River and it was perfect because it was still too early for the crowds and there weren't any stoplights along the riverfront path.

We ran towards the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge and stopped in the middle of it to snap some photos.

 The Mass Ave Bridge's length is marked by the number of Smoots. This was an MIT prank, where a student named Oliver Smoot lied down over and over again across the bridge while his fraternity brothers marked how long the bridge was. One smoot is equal to 5' 7", the height of Oliver Smoot. The bridge is equal to 364.4 smoots plus one ear!

As our run winded down, we returned to Bolyston Street and passed by the adidas Boston Marathon RunBase. In addition to selling adidas and Boston Marathon gear, the RunBase has locker rooms and showers and displays historical Boston Marathon memorabilia. I wish I had time to visit the RunBase during my trip, but sadly, was not able to.

Nearby is the Boston Marathon Finish Line. So many years of history and, of course, the horrible event that took place just a few years ago!

Erin ran back to my hotel with me, which is across from the original Boston Public Library

 I had a great time on my run, Erin was very informative and always told me what was coming up, from hills to where we needed to cross or wait at lights. I am glad I did this run. Otherwise, I am not sure that I would have woken up so early this Sunday morning.

I also got a nice souvenir from my tour, a cool tech shirt, which was an additional cost than the tour.

Well, that is all from Boston! Not sure when I will be back.

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