Sep 28, 2016

A Dog-Friendly Trip to Santa Fe

Hi! It's me, Carson! I wanted to tell you about a trip that my mommy took me on last month to one of our favorite cities - Santa Fe, New Mexico.

My mommy likes Santa Fe for its arts, culture and food. I like it because everyone there loves doggies!

For our stay, Mommy booked a one bedroom casita at this cute bed and breakfast a few blocks away from Santa Fe Plaza. The bed and breakfast is called Las Palomas, and it, of course, is very pet friendly. 

The grounds were so quaint and very quiet. There was also lots of interesting artwork around the property and pretty ristras hanging by the windows. 

Our casita was so spacious. There was a living room with comfy leather couches for me to lounge on, a dining area, mini kitchen and a big bedroom and roomy bathroom. There were even two televisions, so I could watch something in the living room while Mommy watched the boring Real Housewives of New York City in the bedroom. 

When we checked in for our stay, I got a present from Las Palomas. I got a rope toy, so many treats and some poopie bags (I'm not sure what those are for. I think Mommy uses them for something). 

The next morning, Mommy and I walked to the Plaza to go shopping and visit some galleries. There was a native dance performance going on. This man is doing "The Eagle Dance." So cool!

Mommy really likes the architecture in Santa Fe too. We walked past the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts and took some pictures, but we didn't go inside. 

Almost all of the shops and galleries on Santa Fe Plaza are dog-friendly. If you aren't sure, you can just ask if you can go inside. Many of the shops had water bowls outside or inside the store for when I got thirsty. My favorite store was Doodlet's because the shopkeepers gave me so many treats and there were so many puppies shopping with me and mommy. It got very crowded at one point!

In Santa Fe and Albuquerque, most restaurants that have an outdoor patio allow dogs to dine with their humans. Mommy loves this because she does not like to leave me by myself at the hotel.

We went to eat lunch at Chez Mamou, and Mommy got mussels and fries. She did not share with me though.

On our last day in Santa Fe, Mommy took me back to Canyon Road to go gallery hopping. We visited Canyon Road for the first time earlier this year with Daddy and my brother, Gus. It was so much fun that we wanted to go again.

Doggies are also allowed in most of the galleries here. Again, you can always ask if you are unsure. Many of the galleries also have sculpture gardens in front or behind the gallery. I loved taking pictures with the sculptures and seeing such cool artwork!

Mommy really likes these kinetic sculptures that rotated in the wind. The garden also had lots of pretty sunflowers. We got to stay here for a little while, just watching the sculptures going around and around.

Thanks, Mommy, for the fun trip to Santa Fe! I had a really good time, but we were both excited to get home to see Daddy and Gus!

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