Nov 28, 2016

Pregnant with Twins - Week 18

Well, I've announced my pregnancy on Instagram and Facebook, but I haven't really discussed it on this blog. Since I want to be able to look back at my pregnancy in the future, I figure why not do it here. I am hoping to post every week until I deliver. 

Since I am having twins, my doctors are planning to schedule my c-section at 36/37 weeks. That means, we are just about half way there! I am so excited!

Symptoms: Tired, back pain, digestive issues.

Babies' size: Sweet Potato 

Appetite: I haven't been eating a ton because of my digestive issues, and I don't feel hungry most of the day. I feel like I have been eating pretty normally. I was craving alcohol, but I think that had to do with my trip to Louisville last weekend. So much booze everywhere you turn! I also really miss sushi and salami sandwiches. I have been craving carbs, pickles and sweets. 

Workouts/weight gain: I haven't been working out a ton. This week I walked a little more than 5 miles but no other workouts. I've gained 9 pounds so far.

Medical: I found out that my acupuncture benefits have been used up for the year, so no more acupuncture until January. This makes me sad. I had my fourth OB appointment on Wednesday. Everything looks good and my doctor gave me a thumbs up for my weight gain over the last month! We also got a letter in the mail from our perinatalogist's office saying that our babies tested negative for open neural tube defects. Hooray! 

Happenings: We picked out the nursery theme. Sold my car and are looking for a new car. I had a 2005 RAV4 so we were going to look for a new car for me anyway. Worked on the baby registries. Put up the Christmas decorations. I can't believe that this will be our last Christmas as a couple. My belly button is quickly disappearing. 

Stupid things people have said to me/us:
Person: I heard you're having twins. Do you know what you're having? 
Us: Two boys!
Person: Wouldn't one boy and one girl be better though?

Us: We're expecting and it's twins.
Person: Oh, I'm so sorry. 

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