Nov 23, 2016

Traveling Made Easier with Lewis N. Clark

For almost 20 years, Lewis N. Clark has been making travel and outdoor adventures more comfortable and secure through their wide-range of products. Their product line includes everything from comfort accessories like neck pillows and eye masks, outdoor gear such as dry bags and duffel bags and packing solutions.

On two of my recent trips, I got to test out some of Lewis N. Clark's latest travel products.

RFID-Blocking Mini Cross-Body - $49.99

Lewis N. Clark offers a variety of travel bags, document organizers and wallets that make use of RFID-blocking technology. Unauthorized RFID signals can be transmitted without the victim being aware of the crime being committed and can lead to identify theft. 

I was so excited to try an RFID-blocking product after watching one too many news segments on electronic pickpocketing. The Lewis N. Clark RFID-blocking mini cross-body is roomy, has a ton of pockets and sets your mind at ease with its RFID-blocking features. 

The bag is compact but has so many pockets, making it easy to stay organized wherever you are going. The largest interior pocket has a zippered pocket, two cell phone slots and a key keeper. Plus, there are an additional three exterior pockets, including two on the flap and one on the back of the bag. 

The rear pocket contains RFID-protected card slots where you can keep your credit cards and ID cards away from RFID signals. 

Other features are an adjustable cross-body strap and soft, easy to clean fabric. The bag is a great size for all of my travel needs. I was able to comfortably fit my wallet, cell phone, sunglasses and camera into the largest pocket. This is a great bag that is both functional and gives you peace of mind!

ElectroLight Expandable Packing Cubes (2-pack) - $43.99 

As you all know, I travel frequently and rarely check luggage due to the fact that I have luggage separation anxiety and I lack patience. Packing cubes have really made packing for my frequent trips more organized and less stressful. 

While I have been using packing cubes for years now, I had never used expandable packing cubes before. The ElectroLight expandable packing cubes set from Lewis N. Clark features one large (12" x 14.5" x 2" to 5" expanded) and one medium (8.5" x 11" x 2" to 5" expanded) packing cube. The cubes themselves are super light and are made of a water- and stain-resistant fabric.

The cubes' mesh panels provide visibility and allow your garments to breathe, so the cubes are not trapping any stinkiness inside of themselves. They also have handy carrying handles that are useful for moving them in and out of your luggage. 

The thing I wanted to test out the most was the expandable feature of the ElectroLight packing cubes. I love having the extra 3 inches of space as an option to use if I needed to. 

Here is a pile of clothing ready to be organized for a trip to California.

All of my garments fit comfortably inside the expandable packing cubes. I actually expanded the cubes while I was packing and then zipped them back up after putting all of my clothese inside. This is such a great feature because not only are the packing cubes expandable, but they are also compressible. I frequently like to purchase clothing during my trips as gifts and for myself, so having the peace of mind that I can fit more than I originally packed is very helpful for me.

As you can see the packed packing cubes fit with plenty of extra space in my hard side carry-on bag.

I loved testing out both of these products and can't wait to take them with me on my next trip!

DisclosureI received products from Lewis N. Clark for the purpose of this review. No compensation was provided for this post. All opinions are my own. Read my full disclosure here

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